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I want

Sam Zamrik
Bild für Weiter Schreiben, Zähne im Kuhfell © Fadi Alhamwi
© Fadi Al-Hamwi, Skin mirror III, 40 x 45 cm, etching into cowhide (2021)


…a late morning lay.

Three spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee.

To sense scorching sunlight on my skin

get undone by mid August breezes…

I want it to hurt

in my eyes

and my flesh.

I am fond of all pain.

Darkness tends the soul.

I want the carnal.

I want a cold caress.

May it rest against my chest

then run into and through

this lunatic hair

I leave loose…

I want comfort

in the breast and arm

and all the small smiles

that warm the heart.

I want hope

from elsewhere than

the bottom of a glass

that shows, only,

my unface.

“Three spoonfuls

of sugar in the coffee—

plain, please,

and to take.”

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